Thursday, January 26, 2017

VBS 2017 - Rescued by Capatin Sun

Today I’m very happy to share with you a VBS blueprint you could use (for free) for your VBS – or other special event at your church this year! This resource is available on-line for you to download and then have a lot of fun with it as you use your team’s creativity to develop a VBS outreach with your own unique “touch”! This resource is Rescued by Captain Sun, and you will find it at this link.

     1.     The Origin Story – Acts 17 – The true story of how God created us and wants us to know Him!
2.    The Bad Guys – Isaiah 53 – All of us sin and go the wrong way.
3.    The Greatest Rescue – Romans 5 – Jesus rescues us from sin and death!
4.    Our Team of Heroes – Philippians 1 – We are saved by the ultimate Superhero and he makes us part of His amazing team: the church!
5.    Being a Real Hero – 1 Peter 3 – Jesus wants us to make a difference in the lives of others!
Setting – Superhero Headquarters
Message/Theme – “Children will learn about God’s Word and the Hero of heroes – Jesus Christ!”
Focus – Bible Content, Evangelism, Understanding

     1.     Rescued has strong Bible content and focuses on helping us see and understand how Jesus is the greatest Superhero ever – and He saves us!
2.    Great flexibility for churches to develop a curriculum which best “fits” their ministry – and to be sure children open and use their Bibles!
3.    Children will love the Battle Cards they receive each day.
4.    I like how this curriculum encourages churches to collaborate with one another – great idea!
Would like to see
1.     Since this is a VBS blueprint and not a complete curriculum, there are many “parts” a typical curriculum offers, which this does not, but I would like to see at least encouragement for churches to be certain they are “superheroes” to the children in their ministries by covering their bases to do all they can to make it safe.
Captain Sun says; “Children love superheroes. Why not take advantage of this and use the popularity of these heroes to help children understand the real rescue all of us desperately need; AND the real Savior Who can complete this mission?!

I really like the idea behind this curriculum – both the solid Bible content and the way it encourages you, and your team, to take this “blueprint” and use it to develop your own unique curriculum which will best “fit” your ministry! And, I love how it provides opportunity for you to collaborate with other ministries doing the same thing! Definitely try this – if not for your VBS – in another area of your ministry . . . it is a free resource! 

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