Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 VBS Review - elements of Trust from the Science VBS

Elements of TrustToday I'm very happy to share with you a VBS which was available last year . . . elements of Trust. They do have a new VBS this year, but I have not reviewed it.

These VBS resources do not just have a science station or a science activity, but the entire VBS connects science with God's Word. elements of Trust, from the Science VBS, engages children with lots of science projects, so you can know children are going to pay attention and learn from the things they participate in each morning. Take a look and consider if elements of Trust is a good "fit" for your Children's Ministry!

elements of Trust
  1. T = Trust - Acts 1 & 2 - The events leading up to and the Day of Pentecost
  2. R = Receive - Acts 3 - Peter & John heal the beggar and preach the Gospel
  3. U = Understand - Acts 4 - Peter & John are arrested and stand before the Council
  4. S = Share - Acts 4 & 5 - A companion of Barnabas gave freely and Ananias & Sapphira did not give freely
  5. T = Trials - Acts 5 - The Apostles are arrested, jailed and miraculously freed because they chose to obey God rather than men
Setting – Science lab.
Message/Theme – Children will, "Step into the lab of Science VBS and take a journey with the original Apostles through the ups and downs of the first century church. Discover amazing truths from God’s Word about the early church and experience the Elements of T.R.U.S.T."
Focus – Evangelism, Content and Application

Strengths –
  • LOVE the way this curriculum involves children in science projects throughout the morning each day of this VBS - the science projects will definitely get the children's attention!
  • I LOVE the way so much intentional learning can take place in the small group Science Devotions stations - children will participate in two devotions each day and will be opening their Bibles, reading Scripture, talking about what it says and doing science projects to help them understand and remember what they are learning - EXCELLENT!
  • elements of Trust has a strong evangelistic emphasis and solid Bible teaching
  • Lots of information about how to prepare for each science project, where to find supplies and how to lead children through each project
  • Reproducible Music - copy and give to volunteers, families, children - everyone!
  • Excellent resources to help churches turn their building and grounds into a science lab
  • Curriculum available as a download and you are welcome to print as many of the resources as you need for use in your ministry.
Would like to see –
  • Service projects and mission projects - would be really easy to add this with a clean water project . . . like causelife from WorldHelp.
  • Along with strong evangelistic emphasis, I'd like to see an emphasis on growth for children who have already trusted Jesus.
  • Daily "Live-it" activities and time for children to share how they lived what they learned.
  • Complete director's book with information about safety, special needs, etc.
Science VBS says, "This science-inspired, Christ-focused Vacation Bible School creatively walks through the historical narrative of first 5 chapters of the book of Acts. Science VBS is strong on Biblical content, organized for easy implementation, regardless of church size, and reaches the highest levels of kid-engagement using amazing and real science content. Children do real science as real scientists, including build hovercrafts, make rockets, construct catapults, and more. Science VBS is high on Biblical Truth and filled with fun and engagement." 

Once again this year, I found the Science VBS' resource - elements of Trust - to be an excellent resource; I really LOVE all the science experiments which children are able to not just watch, but actually have a part in performing themselves! If you do not choose elements of Trust for your VBS, consider where you might use it in your ministry - since it is available year around, you will have no trouble finding it after the summer is over. As I said last year, there are so many activities and science projects in each lesson, it would be easy to stretch the five lessons into ten and use it over your Summer on Sunday mornings.

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