Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 VBS Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

I am very happy today to make my 2017 VBS Side-by-Side Comparison Chart available for you to use as you determine which VBS resources you will use in your ministry over the coming year. As you use this chart, please keep the following information in mind . . . 
  • Each and every resource included in my chart is an excellent resource - you will be happy with any you select.
  • Please choose more than one to use in your ministry. If you have it, you will find the opportunity to use it - VBS, Summer Sundays, Day Camps, Back-yard Bible Clubs, Mission Conferences, Family Events all year long - and more! Please choose more than one to use in your ministry.
  • There are still a couple VBS resources I'm waiting to receive and review, but since I typically release this chart in the middle of January, and it is the middle of February, I can not wait any longer to put this out there for you to use. As I receive the last kits to review, I will post my reviews for you to utilize.
  • Rescued, from Captain Sun looks like it does not offer much - it actually does. Please check out my review at this link. It is a free resource which provides the basics and then encourages you to collaborate with others who have used it in previous years and/or are using it this year as you work with your own staff to develop a resource which best "fits" your ministry. And, as I mentioned, it is free - definitely check it out.
You will find my chart at the following link - you are welcome to print it out and use it in your ministry - please just say where you found it.

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