Friday, February 24, 2017

Start Planning a Year of Volunteer Appreciation

I believe in being thankful – you likely do as well. I believe in being intentional when it comes to expressing my thankfulness . . . especially when it comes to Children’s Ministry; let me explain why . . .

·         I believe it is Biblical to be thankful.
·         People who serve as volunteers in our Children’s Ministry do not do so just to be thanked, but being thanked does mean a lot to them.
·         Volunteers could be doing other things, but they have made the choice to serve in our Children’s Ministries . . . why wouldn’t we thank them?

So, as we are two months into 2017, today is a great day to sit down and plan out a year of showing your thankfulness for your volunteers to your volunteers. Consider some of the following ideas for showing you are thankful to your volunteers . . .

·         On Resurrection Sunday, give each volunteer a chocolate egg with a tag which says; “We are ‘egg-stra’ thankful you are part of the Children’s Ministry at (your church’s name)!
·         When the school year ends, give each volunteer a photo magnet of their class – and a card the children and parents have signed.
·         Throughout the Summer when you have subs – or any time of the year – give them a LifeSaver with a tag which says; “You’re a real life-saver! Thank you for serving in our Children’s Ministry today!
·         Plan a summer volunteer picnic for volunteers and their families – provide sandwiches, chips, cookies, lemonade – typical picnic food . . . you could make it an all-church opportunity for families to express their thanks by having families who are not volunteers bring enough food for their family x two, so volunteers do not have to bring any food!
·         When school begins again, give each teacher an apple with a tag which says; “You are the apple of our eye – we are so thankful you are part of our Children’s Ministry team!
·         Plan a Holiday open house – provide food, fellowship and a small gift for each volunteer.
·         Make an ornament for each volunteer – give it to them at the Open House, or before Christmas.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, the point of it all is, do something intentional, on a regular basis, to express and show, in tangible ways, your appreciation for your volunteers. It matters!

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