Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Stick" With God!

Yesterday, when our grandsons were at our house, we did a simple and fun science project. Each boy received a balloon – this insured the success of the project as they each were very happy to have their own balloon! We had the boys rub their balloons on the floor or their hair and then hold them a little above their hair and a piece of tissue paper. They were quite happy to see how static electricity made their hair and the tissue paper stick to their balloons. We talked about how they could make the choice to “stick” to God . . . and talked about how Daniel chose to stick to God, even when it meant he was going to be fed to lions.

This simple science project gave me the opportunity to talk with my grandsons about their walk with God – it is my hope whenever they see static electricity and/or balloons throughout their lives, they will think about how they can choose to “stick” to God!

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