Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Power of Our Words

On my other blog - grandma's cookie jar - I shared how last night my grandson Caleb gave me a hug, I smiled and said; "I sure do love you! You make my heart so happy!" Then he got the biggest smile ever on his sweet face, gave me another hug and said; "I sure do love you and you make my heart happy, too! I'm not just copying you; I really mean it!" Did I mention this sweet boy makes my heart happy?!! 

This interaction with my sweet grandson reminded me once again of how important our words are. These simple words telling him I love him and he makes my heart happy, put such a big smile on his face – as did his sweet words back to me put a big smile on my face! Words are powerful; this is absolutely the truth. Our words can communicate love and value, or bring pain.

As you go through this day, and the coming days with the focus on “love” with Valentine’s Day, be aware of the power of your words and intentional in how you choose your words. It will make  difference in the lives of the children in your ministry and in your own family.

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