Thursday, February 9, 2017

VBS 2017 - Camp Out from Group Publishing

Today, while I still have two more kits I'm waiting for to complete this year's review, I'm happy to share one more VBS resource with you; Group's Weekend VBS . . . Camp Out! With this resource you get to provide an opportunity for the children and families from your church to learn the Gospel message, in just a weekend - or two short days!

Camp Out Weekend VBS

Group Publishing

  1. Jesus is the Light - John 1 & 13; Luke 17 - Jesus' life showed God's love!
  2. Jesus is the Light - Luke 23 & 24 - Jesus died and came back to life!
Setting – An outdoor adventure―minus the bug spray and lack of sleep! 
Message – Jesus is the Light - follow Him!
Focus – Evangelism, Application, Content

Strengths –
  • I love the creative and engaging Bible lessons - excellent job of engaging children in activity and discussion throughout each lesson!
  • Opening and Campfire are fun, engaging and active - children will not leave these times without learning and experiencing how, Jesus is the Light and they can follow Him!
  • I found the options for crafts to be unique, interesting and fun!
  • Flexible resource - perfect for many "settings" at church, in the community and even around the world if your youth go on mission trips.
  • Excellent Director's book - so happy to see solid safety info and info to help children with special needs.
  • Fun easy setting for churches or families to create.
  • Very happy to see how the crafts are actually opportunities for children to serve and care for those in their community.
Would like to see –
  • Open Bible as part of the Bible lesson and as something small groups use to talk about what it all means.
Group says, "At Camp Out, you’ll kindle friendships and help children discover Jesus is the light of the world as they experience the Bible in active, hands-on ways, and then circle up with their Cabin Crews for thought-provoking discussions.

I found Camp Out to have all the "comforts" of Group with its design and format, but a unique "flavor" with the way it provides a resource with just two days of activities and learning. While Camp Out clearly does not have enough material to use as a primary VBS, these two days of Bible learning, games, songs, crafts, learning to serve others and fun are absolutely perfect for a family weekend, back-yard Bible clubs around your town or for your teens to take to parks throughout your city/area all summer long! Definitely get Camp Out and use it with the children in your church and community!


  1. We would like to do a weekend VBS at our church of about 70 people. Do you still have this Campout curriculum from 2017? Can we purchase it from you?