Thursday, March 23, 2017

Intentionally Pass on a Heritage of Faith with Generations Quest!

When you look at the world around you, do the parents and grandparents in your ministry feel afraid? Do they wonder how the children they love will possibly grow up and still choose to love, know and walk with God when all around them they are influenced to do everything but?

I admit, there are times I wonder these things for my three sweet grandsons. They are influenced by nearly everything in their lives to choose everything other than following God. But, then I'm reminded of the truth. The truth is as much as I love these boys, God loves them more. As much as I want them to know, love and follow God, He wants them to do these things even more. While I can not make them choose to know, love and follow God, the One Who loves them most is able to do what I can not.

However; knowing this truth - and it is the truth - does not relieve me of my responsibility to be faithful to pass on a heritage of faith to my grandsons.

My eight-year old grandson has started reading his Bible, on his own! This fills my heart with joy! But, I know it is important, even essential, for me to help equip him to understand what he reads, so he will be able to live what he learns. This is how he will grow in his walk with God.

My five-year old grandson is learning to read. Last Saturday morning when he woke up, the first thing he told me was; "I want to read my Bible!" Few things could make me happier! But, again, he is just five. It is essential for him to understand what he is stating to read if he will continue to read his Bible and grow in his walk with God.

I could give my grandsons devotionals written for children - and there are some which are well-written, but I would rather be involved and engaged with them as they read their Bibles, so when they have questions about the meaning and how to apply what they learn, I am there to help them. Which, of course, means, I have to write a resource I will be able to use with them!

As I thought and prayed about this a plan formed which will allow my husband and I to team up with our son and daughter-in-law to be intentional together about passing faith to the boys we love by helping them read their Bibles, understand what they read, and apply what they read!

This new resource is called, "Generations Quest" as the generations will be on a "quest" together to dig into God's Word together! This resource will be for families to work on together - although if only grandparents or only parents want to use it with the children they love, they will certainly be able to do so.

This world might be scary, but God is bigger and stronger than anything we might fear. By helping our grandchildren/children learn to read God's Word, understand God's Word and live God's Word, we will be equipping them with the knowledge and will be helping them build the relationship they need with God to enable them to know, love and follow God, no matter what this world "throws" at them - and help them be ready for the day when they are parents, so they will be able to continue the, "Generations Quest" with their own children!

Stay tuned for more information - it will be releasing shortly!

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