Thursday, April 13, 2017

Connect the Generations & God's Word - No Matter The Ages and Distance!

If you have been reading About the Children's Department for very long, you know passing on a heritage faith to our grandsons, and helping the grandparents/parents in our churches to do the same, is something I care very, very much about. I want my grandsons to grow to be boys, then teens and one day young men who love, know and walk with God, faithfully, with all their heart. I believe the grandparents and parents in your church want the same for the children they love.

This is the reason I am writing a resource I am using with my grandsons . . . and which you - and the grandparents and parents in your ministry - will be able to use with the children you all love, as well! Generations Quest is a tool which will allow you, they, and the generations which follow you all, to connect throughout a month over what matters . . . understanding and living God's Word!

Grandparents, parents and children of all ages - preschool through college age - will all read (or have read to them) one to five verses a day with a simple question to help them think about the verses they read. Families will be able to talk about what they all are reading and learning together

Can you imagine what this will do for the families in your ministry? For you all to read a verse or two each day and think about what it means. For you to talk about what you are learning - and for you all to connect together over God's Word?!

God's Word is the one thing we know which God has promised will not return void and which will accomplish what He has planned for it. God's Word! So, why wouldn't we connect our families - over the generations - in reading a few verses a day, together - no matter the age or the physical distance which separates us?!

We are almost finished with the website for Generations Quest! In a few days you - and the families in your ministry - will be able to connect your families - across the generations and across the miles with God's Word as you read, understand and live it together!

Stay tuned!

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