Thursday, April 20, 2017

Generations Quest Official Launch on May 1, 2017

For the past month I've been talking about Generations Quest and today I'm happy to announce our official launch will be on May 1, 2017! Generations Quest is a resource which will allow the generations in your church - grandparents, parents and children of all ages - to connect together as they read the Bible together each day! 

How will this work, you ask? Each day there is a specific verse or two for children, parents and grandparents to read and a question to think about. Then at least twice a month grandparents will connect with their grandchildren - in person, over the phone or using tech - to talk about what they all have been reading and learning. Parents are welcome to do the same as often as they like - even daily at meals, perhaps.

There is one thing which God has promised will accomplish what He has planed for it to accomplish and this one thing is His Word. So, if we are able to get our families to read God's Word, then we will be equipping the children we love to stand against the things in this world which will side-track and derail their lives. Generations Quest will give you them tools they need to do this - no matter the age of their grandchildren or their location.

So, stay tuned! May 1st will be the official launch!

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