Friday, May 26, 2017

Graduation - a Time to Help Grandparents & Parents Pass Their Faith

No automatic alt text available.Graduation is upon us - and while graduation is something for the older children in your church, it is a special time for families with teens graduating from high school and young adults graduating from college - and this makes a wonderful opportunity for your church to encourage grandparents and parents to pass their faith to their graduating grandchildren and children. How might you do this, you ask? Consider the following ideas . . .
- You could invite them to write a note to their graduating grandchildren/children with a Scripture verse they would like them to remember as they move to the next part of their lives; which they would then read to them at a graduate's Sunday service.
- You could invite grandparents and/or parents to pray for their graduating grandchild/child in your graduate's service.
- You could invite grandparents and parents to share with their grandchild/child something they have learned in their lifetime at a special grandparent/parent/graduating grandchild/child dessert.
These are just a few ideas - what might your church do to engage grandparents and parents and encourage them to pass their faith to their graduating grandchild/child?

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