Monday, May 8, 2017

Why Should I Encourage Families in My Church to Invest in Generations Quest for Their Families? Answer #2

As people who serve in Children's Ministry, we want the parents and grandparents in our church to be intentional and serious about passing their faith to the children they love. But when they look at the world in which these children are growing up, they may fear there are too many things around them which will derail and side-track their faith. However; there are three very important things for us - and for them - to remember . . . 
  • Greater is He who is with us than he who is in the world - 1 John 4:4
  • God loves them with a love which never ends - Jeremiah 31:3
  • God has promised His Word is powerful - Isaiah 55:11
When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He used God's Word to defeat him and to hold fast to God. This shows us how the children in our ministries will be able to do the same. God's Word is the answer, so anything we can do to help ground them in God's Word will help keep them grounded and growing in their walk with God!

This is where Generations Quest comes in by providing specific Scripture for parents, grandparents and children to read each day. For less than $1.50 a month they will be able to intentionally help the children they love of any age and in any location be equipped to stand firm in their faith . . . no matter what life and this world throws at them. You will find the specifics for getting Generations Quest at this link -

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