Monday, June 26, 2017

Dream a Little - Part Two - Get Others In On the Dreaming!

In my earlier post, Dream a Little!, I encouraged you to dream about what you'd like to do in and with your ministry if money, time, space and volunteers were not an issue. I'd like to take this thought a little farther and encourage you to dream, but when you do, let others in on the "dreaming" with you!

First of all, involve others in your church! 

  • Ask the children what they would love to see and do in your children's ministry. 
  • Ask the parents and volunteers what they would love to see in your children's ministry. 
  • Ask the leaders in your church and those who attend. 
Get these ideas on paper and then evaluate to see which might actually be doable!

Don't stop there! Unless you are the only church in your community, realize God has other churches in your area, filled with people who love Him just as you do. Reach out to these churches and see if there are any possibilities on your "dream list" which on your own, might not be attainable, but in tandem with other churches in your area they could become realities! Far too often we serve in our communities with the idea we are "on our own" when the truth is, God has placed His children in churches throughout the area. If we would just join forces the impact on our communities could be incredible! We do not have to reach our communities on our own! Connect with other believers on CM Connect and at conferences and then see what you can do together in your area.

So . . . dream a little, get your church to dream a little with you and reach out to your larger community of believers and dream together! Then watch and see how God works to bring those dreams beyond just being dreams in your church and community!

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