Thursday, November 30, 2017

Children's Ministry Around the World - Kenya, Africa

As we continue to look at Children's Ministry and the lives of children from around the world, today we "journey" to Kenya, Africa.

When you think of Kenya, you may think of things such as lions, giraffes, elephants and zebras; and you do so for good reason as all of these are found in Kenya. Tourism is the main “industry” in Kenya followed by agriculture; flowers, tea and coffee as the primary crops grown (Wiki). Kenya is a “young” country of 45.9 million people; 42.3% are between the ages of 0 and 14 (World Population Review). Poverty is a big challenge in Kenya; nearly half of the country's nearly 46 million people live below the poverty line or are unable to meet their daily nutritional requirement (Rural Poverty Portal).

School is partly free and partly available for those who can pay. Since 2003 the government began free primary education, which covers eight years of school. At the end of primary school, children are tested to see who will move on to secondary school, attend a vocational school or enter an apprenticeship program and learn a trade such as tailoring, carpentry, motor vehicle repair, brick-laying and masonry (Wiki). Those who move on to secondary school are tested again at the completion to see who will move on to college/university. “Kenyans place an extraordinary value on education, which is seen as the key to personal and communal success. Villagers often contribute funds through a self-help system known as Harambee (meaning, “Let us pull together”) to send youth to a university” (Compassion).
Child labor is common in Kenya; UNICEF estimates up to 30% of girls in the coastal areas of Malindi, Mombasa, Kilifi, and Diani are subject to prostitution. Most of the prostitutes in Keya are aged 9-18. Most children who work do so in Kenya’s agriculture industry (Wiki).
Kenya has freedom of religion and according to the CIA; the people are 82.5% Christian (47.4% Protestant, 23.3% Catholic, 11.8% other), 11.1% Muslim, 1.6% Traditionalists, 1.7% other, 2.4% none, 0.7% unspecified. Kenya has the highest number of Quakers in the world, with around 133,000 members (Wiki). Churches in Kenya do have ministry to children and offer ministry opportunities such as Sunday school, training for volunteers, training for girls and boys, camp, special clubs and choirs; much as we do here in the USA.
As you think about Kenya, where 31% of the people are unreached (OperationWorld), please pray for –.
  • God to draw believers to Him.
  • Protection and strength for Christians as they are attacked by Islamist extremist groups.
  • People to help children who are in dangerous places and point them to Jesus.
  • Laborers to go and serve children who are in need.
  • Children to see God is real, He loves them and they can know Him!
  • Wisdom to know where to plant churches.
  • The church in Kenya to grow and be able to be a light to their communities!
Kenya is a beautiful country with children and families who need to know God loves them! While you may not be able to travel to Kenya to serve the church, you can pray and, “When a believing person prays, great things happen.(James 5:16 NCV) Let’s pray and trust God for great things in Kenya

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