Friday, December 29, 2017

VBS 2018 - Another Kit Has Arrived!

Look what arrived at my house the other day . . . another VBS kit for 2018; this one from Concordia. Looks like fun! Stay tuned for my review in January.

And, since both Concordia and Cokesbury have a river rafting theme this year, consider buying both - yes, both. Just think, both kits would let you keep your decorations/setting for ten - or twenty weeks! The Bible adventures in Concordia are mostly Old Testament and in Cokesbury they are all on the life of Jesus - no overlap. If you used each lesson one time - you would have a great setting and solid Bible content for the summer - ten weeks!

And, if you used each lesson twice - share the Bible adventure one week and then review it and focus on living it the second week - you would have twenty weeks of content which you could use for your mid-week Bible club next school year!

Definitely consider using both kits - great buy, great content, great setting and the opportunity to impact and change the lives of children - what could be better!
Have you ever tried a VBS with a river rafting adventure for the setting? If so, what did you like about it?

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