Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Involved Grandparents Make a Huge Difference - Engage Them!

A couple years ago on Moody Radio, Tim Kimmel was interviewed about how to, "Put the 'Grand' back into Grandparenting" and if there was a reason for churches to focus upon starting a Grandparenting Ministry.
They talked about how grandparents actually change culture and impact/influence generations for Jesus and asked if multiple generation households were better off than those which do not have multiple generations living under the same roof.

They talked about how an Oxford University study showed children are generally happier if grandparents are heavily involved in the upbringing of grandchildren and discovered -

1. Grandparents often have the time to offer support, advice and problem solving.
2. Most children welcome the relationship.
3. There are links between involved grandparents and the well-being of grandchildren.
4. Grandparents bring stability to children especially in difficult times.

In addition, a study by AARP said, 51 million Americans live in multi-generational homes; they -

1. Help in regards to elder care.
2. 75% of boomerangers are satisfied living with parents/grandparents.
3. 82% say it brings them closer.

They then asked if the church is overlooking the extraordinary potential for ministry to/with grandparents. Tim Kimmel shared much more which you will find at this link -

Take some time to listen - then share this link with your pastor and other grandparents you know!

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