Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CM Conference North America - Don't Miss It!

I will be teaching two sessions at the CM Conference North
 America 2018 -

Engage the Invisible “Army” in Your Midst & Become More Effective -They are there, in your midst. An “invisible” “army” when engaged and equipped will help you become more effective and will powerfully impact children and families! Learn how to connect with and engage the grandparents in your church.

Equip, Empower & Encourage Grandparents to Hand Down the Faith - Grandparents who are Equipped, Empowered & Encouraged to hand down faith will make a significant difference in the lives of the children in your ministry. Learn how to get them “on board” – as volunteers and as grandparents who grandparent on purpose.

If you are involved in the Children's Ministry in your church, do NOT miss this conference (especially if you live in or near Michigan, as the conference is in Brighton, MI) - it is an amazing opportunity to learn, be encouraged and equipped to serve effectively! You'll find all the details at this link.

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