Friday, February 23, 2018

Help Equip Parents & Grandparents to Trust & Tell

How has God sustained you throughout your life? How has He answered your prayers? How has He showed His love to you? 

How would the parents and grandparents in your ministry answer these same questions? In the Old Testament we see over and over where God saved and sustained His people, but then they didn't remember to tell future generations what God did. These generations forgot God and fell into sin. Eventually they called out to God for help, returned and followed Him, but then forget to tell their children and grandchildren and the cycle started all over again.

It matters for us and for the parents and grandparents in our ministry to be people who share how God has worked and is working in our lives with the children we love. When they are able to hear and see how God has sustained you, they will be better able to believe He will do the same for them and able to see how He does!

Encourage the parents and grandparents in your ministry to start a family "Faith History" Journal - tell them to write/draw how God has sustained them and invite the children they love to add to it with how God works in their lives as well. Ask them to put it where anyone is able to see it and be reminded how God is working in their lives.

When the parents and grandparents in your ministry are intentional about helping their family see and remember how God works in their lives, their lives will change. Help them so they do not forget. Encourage them to remember and trust . . . God is always faithful and will give them what they need to do what He asks them to 

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