Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Studies Prove it - Grandparents Have Much to Offer!

Grandparents have much to offer the children and families in your ministry. They give unconditional love. They help children have a right view of themselves, because the way a grandparent sees a grandchild is often the way the grandchild will see themselves. They are in the unique position of being able to hand down a legacy of faith and connecting the past - and how God was faithful - with the present. At least, grandparents have the great potential to offer these things to the children and families in your ministry!

An Oxford University Study showed children are generally happier if their grandparents are heavily involved in their upbringing. So, when you take the time to equip and encourage and empower grandparents to hand down their faith, you are helping them offer these things and more to the children and families in your ministry!

Take time to engage with grandparents - it will make a huge difference. And for resources to help you do exactly this, check out the Legacy Coalition, Grandmas with Heart, the Christian Grandparenting Network and GrandsMatter (and share these resources with the grandparents in your church as well!)

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