Friday, May 4, 2018

CM Conference - North America

Yesterday (May 3rd) I was blessed to teach two breakouts at the 2019 CM Conference - North America. First I want to thank Michael Chanley for all the work he put into this conference - it was excellent! (And I'm so happy to finally meet in person after all these years!) 

And, thank you to everyone who came to my two breakouts - Engaging the Invisible Army (recruiting grandparents) and Equipping Grandparents to Hand Down the Faith to the Children in your Ministry. You all were wonderful and I'm so blessed to have had you each in my breakouts!

And if you (whether you were at the conference or not) have any questions about involving grandparents in your Children's Ministry and/or equipping grandparents to hand down faith to their grandchildren, contact me any time - (and if you want a free resource to engage families - just email and ask for Bible Journey Trusting God Event - I'll be happy to give it to you.)

Finally, if you missed the conference this year - CM-Conference - North America, plan to be there next year - you will be so glad you do!

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