Monday, May 14, 2018

Why Should the Children's Ministry Also Focus Upon Equipping Generations?

Last week I wrote about the statistics regarding how often children go to church. You will find my full post at this link, which if you did not read it, please take a moment to do so now.

If the average child in your church is only at church for one to three hours out of every 336 hours (two weeks), and in the best-case scenario they are there for six hours in the same time period, how are you best able to use the time you have to make the most impact on these children, so they choose to love and follow Jesus for all of their lives?

Excellent question. Fair question. Most importantly, a question you really do need to think and pray about. And one which should call upon you to act.

Which brings up another excellent, fair and needed question . . . how should you "act" based upon this information?

God's plan in Scripture for the handing down of faith to children is very clear: it is for the generations - the grandparents and parents - to be focused and intentional about handing faith to their children. Throughout Scripture we see where God tells grandparents and parents to hand down the faith in their day-in-day-out living of their lives . . . when they rise, when they lie down, when they sit, when they walk about the way. And we see where Lois and Eunice, a grandma and mother, were commended for how they handed faith to Timothy. This is God's plan and it is one which is not limited by just six or fewer hours out of every 336 hours. Quite the opposite!

It makes sense - and the best use of the time we have - to engage, equip, encourage and empower grandparents and parents, so they are able to fulfill their God-given responsibilities and hand down the faith to their grandchildren/children. When we do this, then in the Children's Ministry we are able to also come alongside the generations and build on what they are doing to make a maximum impact on the lives of the children in our churches. We are also able to then do something grandparents and parents are more limited in their ability to do - help children connect with and build solid Christian relationships and friendships with the children at church. This is very important, because as the children grow up their friends will have the ability to impact them significantly. If a child's closest friends are believers who are learning what they are learning and who have made the choice to love and follow Jesus, they all will benefit - greatly.

So, if it makes sense - and is an excellent use of our time and resources - to engage, equip, encourage and empower grandparents and parents . . . the generations . . . to hand down the faith to the children entrusted to them by God, how does the Children's Ministry do this? 

I would love to talk with you about this! I have 40 years of experience in Children's Ministry, am a charter member of the Legacy Coalition, founder of Grandmas with Heart and I would love to help you engage, equip, encourage and empower the grandparents and parents in your ministry. Contact me at and lets see what can be done to help the generations in your church learn to hand down the faith on purpose!

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