Friday, June 29, 2018

Make a Significant Difference in the Children - Engage the Generations

Did you know Children's Ministry is a great fit for equipping grandparents? Did you know studies show most children go to church every other week? This means out of 336 hours (the number of hours in two weeks) children are at church for just one to three hours (depending on if they also go to the mid-week Children's Ministry - read the book, The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children for more info on this.). 

Even in a best case scenario where a child is at church every time the doors are open, they are only there for six out of 336 hours. How is a Children's Ministry possibly able to hand down faith if a child is only at church for one to six hours out of 336? Which also leaves us with the question; "Is it the 'job' of the Children's Ministry to hand down the faith? And, "If it is not the Children's Ministry's 'job', then whose job is it?"

God gives us the answer! It is not the "job" of the church. It is the job of grandparents and parents - look in Deuteronomy 4 and 6. God doesn't want faith to be something children get from just a few hours every couple weeks. No! His plan is for faith to be something which is part of every moment of our day-in-day-out lives. Clearly this is not something the Children's Ministry/church is able to do. This is the "job" - and great joy - of the grandparents and parents!

However; this does not mean there is not a "job" for the Children's Ministry and church. If the church - Children's Ministry - were to equip and engage grandparents (and parents) to hand down faith, can you imagine the difference it would make in impacting children! And how amazing would it be for Children's Ministries to be able to come alongside grandparents/parents and build on what was happening at home! Just imagine the impact you could make in the lives of the children in your ministries by equipping and engaging grandparents; I believe the impact would be significant!

It is for this reason I am now available to consult and help Children's Ministry/church leaders develop a strong ministry which equips, encourages, empowers and engages grandparents (and parents) in handing down the faith to the children they love. I have 43 years experience in Children's Ministry, am a founding member of the Legacy Coalition and the founder of Grandmas with Heart. I am helping my church begin to engage grandparents, have been writing about helping grandparents hand down their faith for nine years and taught workshops on the topic at conferences for grandparents and for Children's Ministry leaders. I would be delighted to help you understand and begin a ministry at your church to equip grandparents to hand down the faith. Let's connect and see how we are able to engage, equip, empower and encourage the generations to hand down the faith!

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