Monday, September 10, 2018

Put This Into Your Teaching

There is a little three-letter word which is treated as a "dirty word" in far too many churches. This little three-letter word is looked down upon as "fluff" and like something which has no place in church or the Children's Ministry. However; I do not agree.

What is this little three-letter word? It is fun. Yes, fun!

Stop and think about it. God is fun! Yes! He is! Look at creation - He made this creature which lives on an island in the South Pacific and had not been photographed until recently. If you saw this animal, known as the Dingiso, you would think it was a bear, but it is not. It is a kangaroo - yes, a kangaroo! And this kangaroo which looks like a bear climbs trees and eats the leaves! How fun is this! Yes, fun!

The Dingiso is just one of the fun aspects of creation - think of platypus, octopus, monkeys and basset hounds - all fun! Definitely not boring. And, God created people who are able to be very fun. God shows His "fun" in His creation.

And, if you don't think Jesus was fun, just think for a moment about how He walked on the water - yes, He walked on the water and in my opinion this had to be tremendous fun! At least I'd love to be able to walk on water! Fun - Jesus was fun!

The Bible is filled with true accounts which are brimming with fun - Adam named all the animals - this had to be fun. For some time - we do not know how long - Adam and Eve lived in a peaceful garden, it had to be fun to be able to pet dinosaurs, lions, tigers and other large animals! Think about Enoch - he didn't die! God just took him to Heaven - that had to be fun! These are just two examples from the beginning of Genesis. The Bible is filled with true accounts which are brimming with fun!

So, why do we tend to make the Bible - and in so doing, God and Jesus, boring? Why do we treat fun like a "dirty three-letter word"?

Bring back the fun! Make sure the way you teach reflects accurately the Ones about whom you are teaching.

How do you do this? Well, start by banning your teachers from using lecture to teach. This model of teaching is pretty much guaranteed to bore the children in your ministry, so why do we do it? Use active learning! When teaching about how Jesus walked on the water, make tubs of non-Newtonian fluid (check this link - just make smaller tubs for use in church) and let the children "walk on water". You may be certain they will not go home saying they do not remember what they did in class after walking on the water!

This is just one idea of how to add some "fun" to the way you teach children about God, Jesus and the Bible, but however you do it - do it! Put the fun into teaching, because God, Jesus and the Bible are fun!

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