Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Price for Not Engaging Children is Far, Far, Too High

I've been writing about engaging children at church; not boring them, but instead making your Children's Ministry fun, so it accurately reflects God. Today I want to write a bit about the "why".

You have children in your church who are able to sit, listen and learn. These are mostly girls, but some boys as well. You also have children who wiggle, talk and do not tend to learn. These are mostly boys. Now, one group is not "better" than the other. God made all these children and He created them to learn the way they do. This means God expects us to teach them the way He created them to learn. It is not okay for us to force a child to learn in a way other than how God created them to learn. Especially about God and the Bible.

If we insist on making children sit still and listen to learn, then all those children who do not learn this way will grow up to not like church. They will see it as boring and as not relating to them. When they are old enough to "bail" on church, they will.

We have to teach children in a way which captures their attention. A way which engages and involves them in the process. A way which truly enables them to learn. If we are not willing to do this, then we need to step aside - yes, step aside and let someone who is willing to engage children do so.

The price we pay for not doing this is far, far too high.

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