Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How Can We Be More Effective?

I like video clips with George Barna . . . they give me definite things to think about. Please take a moment to listen to this clip with George Barna as he talks about how the church is able to minister more effectively today . . . 

Then, consider the following -
  • What type of "Nuggets" do the children and families in our church take home with them?
  • What are we doing to help children and families develop a Christian World View?
  • How are able to treat children and families as individuals?
  • Do we mentor or do we "mass produce"? How can we move to more of a mentoring model?
  • It is not all about the teacher - it is about the student - what does this look like in our ministries?
  • Are we focusing on what really matters - the people?
How do you answer these questions for your ministry?

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