Monday, October 8, 2018

Remember: Actions Speak Louder . . .

In most of our churches, we are a month into our Fall ministries and this got me to thinking . . . 
  • What impact does it actually make on children - and adults - when we say they are welcome, but our actions do not really back those words up?
  • What would a truly "honest" video about the actions of our church look like?
  • Why should anyone really want to set foot inside our church?
Seriously, what do our "actions" say about the type of church we are? It can be so very easy to say a person is "welcome" and we want them to "belong", but do our "actions" really show this? Consider the following -
  • If we sincerely want children - and adults - to feel like they "belong" to our church, are we diligent about watching for the "cracks" in which people might "fall though"?
  • What do we do if we find a "crack"? Do we ignore it while it becomes the "grand canyon"?
  • Are we serious enough about wanting our church to be a place where anyone and everyone is able to really belong for us to take a clear and honest look and then to act?
Remember: Actions speak louder than words!

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