Monday, December 10, 2018

Hand Down the Faith with Generations Quest - Try it For Free

One of the most important things we are able to do as people who serve in Children's Ministry is to recommend resources which equip parents and grandparents when it comes to handing down the faith. I have been working on a resource to use with my grandsons to hand down the faith and am happy to let you know about it today. I am not able to make them choose to love, know and walk with God, but I am able to engage them in reading/understanding God's Word and in watching for God's Great Deeds. If I do these two things, then they will be equipped to walk with God.

Throughout the Bible we read where God has promised His Word will accomplish what He has planned for it to do (Isaiah 55:11), is profitable for teaching (2 Timothy 3:16, 17) and is a light to our path (Psalm 119:11); just to mention three things we know are true about the Bible. God promises His words are powerful, so I want my grandsons to know what God's Word says.

We also know when people forget and do not know God, they turn away from Him and end up embracing the world around them. (Read Judges 2) I do not want my grandsons to forget all the things God does. I want them to see and remember God's Great Deeds.

And, we grandmas (grandpas/parents) know God has clearly asked us to hand down the faith. This is our God-given job and great joy. (See Psalm 78:4, 6, 7)

So, I do not leave it to chance for my grandsons to know, love and walk with God. While church definitely has the potential to be a valuable part of a team handing faith to our grandchildren - they do not live with our grandchildren and are not able to hand faith in the day-in-day-out living of life; so I do not leave it to church to hand down faith to my grandchildren.

Handing faith to my grandsons is far, far too important for me to not be focused and purposeful about it. So, I developed a resource which will engage my grandsons in reading the Bible and provide opportunities for us to talk about what they read - since I will be reading the same verses each day which they read and they, their poppa and I will be watching for God's Great Deeds and remembering what He does.

You and the parents/grandparents in your church are able to use this resource with the children you love as well. It is called, Generations Quest and is designed to work with any age of grandchild/child in any location - whether they live near or far. The idea is for grandparents, parents and children to each read the same few verses and questions about the verses each day. Connect in person, over the phone or on-line a few times a month to talk about what you are reading and to do a few activities for preschool age children through college age (also included in the resource) to help the children you love understand what they are reading. It also reminds you all to watch for God's Great Deeds. 

Generations Quest is easy to use and is a tool which will connect and engage the generations in handing down the faith and learning about God's Word together. The cost is $10 a year and if grandparents purchase it, they are welcome to share it with all of their adult children and grandchildren! Talk about an extremely affordable resource - it is less expensive than two Happy Meals and will provide you with a year of resources and tools to hand down the faith!

You are able to try a month for free at this link and will be able to learn the complete details about Generations Quest at this link. Try it for free and get it for your family - the best family Christmas gift ever as you take the generations on a quest together to know, love and follow God!

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