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VBS 2019 - Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You - Abingdon Press

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Today I'm happy to share with you Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You from Abingdon Press. As I said last year, while the primary audience for this resource may seem obvious, I want to challenge and encourage you to take a serious look at Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You, whether your church is made up primarily of one race or a mix of different races. 

Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You gets better every year - it is an excellent resource well worth not just a serious look but one which will benefit the children and families in your community if you find a place in your ministry to use it.

Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You
Publisher - Abingdon Press 
Price - $84.99
  1. Remembering a Dream! - Genesis 28  - Jacob sets a stone as a reminder of where he met God - Dream with God!
  2. Crossing the River - Joshua 4 - The Hebrew children build a memorial of stones - Remember God's Miracles!
  3. A New Song! - Psalm 149 & Hebrews 4:12 - The psalmist encourages the creation of new music to praise God - Praise the Lord!
  4. For All People - Mark 11 - Jesus declares God's house is a place for prayer for all people - Learn from Jesus!
  5. Living Monuments! - 1 Peter 2, 2 Peter 1 - Peter writes about the building blocks of Christian character - Begin with Faith!
Setting – Home & Community
Message/Theme – "Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You celebrates how throughout the Bible, monuments are built to remember what God has done in the lives of His people. Participants will move across country to experience God's presence and love at places where God led black people to seek freedom and opportunity."
Focus – Bible Content, Evangelism, Understanding, Community

Strengths –
  • Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You has strong, SOLID Bible content, daily evangelism focus and invitation and focus on helping us see and understand what it means to follow God by faith. 
  • Lessons engage the children - I'm very happy to see this.
  • Once again this year I LOVE the "Parent Empowerment Pages" with tips for empowering parents, devotionals, Scripture, activities, excellent prayer resources and more - I LOVE this - it is excellent for grandparents, too - like I said last year, I'd love to see all VBS publishers include a resource like this in their material!
  • I LOVE "Outreach/Follow-Up" info - focus on helping children understand what they have learned and how it lives in their lives - could absolutely use this - or more of it after VBS to engage and involve children in serving their community! Excellent!
  • I LOVE the focus on affirming to children how valuable they are.
  • I LOVE the daily Invitation to Discipleship where children are invited to follow Jesus and give their lives to Him! Excellent!
  • I LOVE the focus on generations handing down a heritage of faith - excellent!
  • I really like how each day's Scripture is provided in three or four different versions - excellent focus on understanding.
  • I found the options for crafts to be creative, varied, affordable and fun.
  • I LOVE the Community Art Project - Stained Glass Waxed paper Quilt! It is amazing! I love how it involved the generations in a hands-on activity together. Excellent!
  • The "Heritage/Drama" portion is a great way for children to learn about their heritage/people who showed their great value and strength and it is also an excellent opportunity for those of us who are of a different race, to learn the truth about others who we may not really know.
  • Excellent resource to help you use Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You on Sundays
  • Excellent information on engaging children with special needs.
  • Engaging music 
Would like to see –
  • Information about how to keep your VBS safe with volunteer screening, severe weather/fire, etc.
Abingdon says, "With Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You, participants will doscover with new eyes a great and awesome God and be delighted to realize how valuable they are in Jesus Christ.

Once again this year, I really LOVE how Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You focuses on helping children learn God's Word, with a strong focus on understanding what it looks like to have faith in and to make the choice to follow God. A much-needed message for every child - and adult. 

Definitely take a close look at Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You for your VBS this year - and like I said last year, if you do not use Wooosh - Take Flight to Where God Leads You for VBS, absolutely find a place to use it in your ministry - no matter what color the children are in your ministry. You will be so glad you did!

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