Friday, May 17, 2019

What Would the "Perfect" Children's Ministry Look Like?

If you were able to create the "perfect" Children's Ministry, what would it look like? If I were to do this, it would have and do the following things . . . 

  • The focus would not be upon "teaching", but upon learning.
  • With this in mind, the large group time would be engaging - small groups would each help prepare a visual for a specific portion of the day's Bible event, then they would share/show their visual at the appropriate time.
  • Large group engage children in their small groups during large group - each small group would receive a "mystery box" and would have specific things they would do in their small group to introduce and or/connect with the day's Bible event.
  • Children would learn to open their own Bibles - not just listen to an adult read from a Bible.
  • The focus would be upon the two whats and the two hows - what is is saying, what does it mean, how do I live this, how will it change my life.
  • The second focus would be to help children connect with other children and build strong friendships - all the children. No child would leave feeling like they did not belong - or were not wanted.
  • Volunteers would serve for the school year - provides consistency and builds strength into the ministry.
  • Volunteers would be supported and appreciated on a regular basis.
  • Training would be on-going and engaging - no boring training allowed.
  • All of these things for the most important focus - children would come to know, love and walk with God.
  • Parents and grandparents would be supported as they hand down faith to the children God gave to them.
So, there you have it. Sound impossible? I know it is not. Yes, it would take work, but it is worth the work.

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