Monday, June 3, 2019

Get Your Own Free Kindle Copy of Science, the Bible & Fun!

My grandsons are enjoying the start of their Summer Vacation - I have three happy boys who will be at my house tomorrow. Throughout the Summer, my grandsons will be at my house for at least two days during the week while their parents are at work - and for either their Friday or Saturday night sleepover as well. I am a very blessed grandma.

While I want their Summer break to be a time where they are able to relax, play outside (I live in the country and my house is on a acre, so I have lots of room for them to run and play), there are days when it rains (I live in Michigan and it can be rainy here) and times when they may need help thinking of something to do with their time. It is in times such as these when my book, Science, the Bible & Fun, comes in handy.

In Science, the Bible & Fun, I have 52 lessons with science projects which connect with a Bible point, games, activities and Bible learning - great for children preschool through middle or even high school. I wrote this book to provide activities and opportunities to engage my active grandsons with projects which will get and keep their attention and help them remember and learn about real people from the Bible; how they chose to walk with God, so my grandsons will learn to do the same.

Today, June 3, 2019, through Friday, June 7, 2019 you are able to download the Kindle version of Science, the Bible & Fun for free! You will find a sample lesson at this link, so you will be able to see what they are like and you will find the Kindle version you are able to download for free at this link - please get your own copy and then put it to use whether your the children you love are young or old or live near or far (if they live far, choose a project, send your grandchildren the supplies and then connect on-line to help them go through the project and learn the Bible lesson.)

Please tell the grandmas, grandpas, parents you know, so they are able to get their free copy of Science, the Bible & Fun as well and have a wonderful summer as you and the children you love learn some cool things about this world in which we live, have fun together and most importantly, learn to know, love and walk with God.

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