Sunday, December 29, 2019

Children's Ministry which Matters & Makes a Difference

Yesterday I learned this blog, About the Children's Department is #2 in the Top 40 Children's Ministry Blogs and Websites in 2019. First of all, this is a huge honor and since I have not been posting daily, as I once did, it is also a huge surprise. Thank you everyone who reads About the Children's Department. Since you are still reading what I write, I will try to post at least five times a week to provide fresh content.

When I originally began writing for Children's Ministry, it was as a website back in the early '90's. I was frustrated by how decisions were made in so many churches by the "standard" of - "this is what we always do" rather than what would best engage children so they will remember, understand and live God's Word. If we do not get the attention of the children in our churches, they will not remember what we are teaching. If they do not remember it, they will not understand it. If they do not understand it, they will not live it. If they do not live it, their lives will not change. With so many children and young adults leaving our churches today, clearly, "what we have always done" is not the standard by which we need to measure and decide what we do going forward in our Children's Ministries.

I still believe these things. We must engage children, so they remember, understand and live God's Word for changed lives. But, we also have to make sure we are backing God's best plan for the handing of faith to children - the parents and grandparents. Throughout the Bible we read how God has given the "job" of handing down the faith to them - not the church. Yes, churches have a role to fulfill - support, encourage, equip parents/ grandparents, be absolutely certain they are engaging children in active learning (God created children to learn by doing so we need to teach them by doing), and by providing additional adults who are able to know the children - and who the children are able to know as well - who back the messages their parents/grandparents are handing to them, so they are additional voices teaching them the truth. The church also must be focused upon teaching the "whys" - why children are able to believe God is real and the Bible is true.

These are the things I will be writing about - these things matter and we need to be learning about and talking about them - please join in these conversations with me.

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