Thursday, January 2, 2020

Equip Parents & Grandparents to Hand Down the Faith with Generations Quest

We leaders in Children's Ministry need to focus upon equipping parents and grandparents to fulfill God's job for them - His best plan for the handing down of the faith to children. When we do this, we multiply many times over the ability to help children remember, understand and live God's Word as doing so is moved into the everyday lives of children and away from just being something they do for a hour or two every week or two at church. Why wouldn't Children's Ministry leaders want to equip and encourage parents and grandparents to hand down the faith? It makes sense and is one of the best uses of their time.

So, if you are going to equip parents and grandparents to hand down the faith, it matters for you to know about resources which are available for them to use as this will enable you to recommend these resources. Yesterday I wrote about an excellent resource - Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children - I am happily watching as my own grandsons use this and are walking closer to God as a result!

Today I am very happy to let you know about another resource for parents and grandparents to use with the children they love - Generations Quest. You will find information about it at this link, but basically it is a a resource which provides the tools they need to help their entire family, young and old, near and far, learn to read, understand and live God’s Word, togetherThis is more than just a devotional as it provides the opportunity and resources necessary for grandparents and parents to connect intentionally with the children they love to hand down a heritage of faith.

Each month’s Quest Flyer will provide a background on the Bible person about whom they are learning, ideas to apply what they learn with preschoolers and elementary age children as well as with teens and college-age children. They will also have a monthly schedule with daily verses to read and a question to help them think about what they are reading. You are able to try a month for free at this link.

One full year of Generations Quest is available for just $10 - but, as I know there are families where budgets are very tight, if a family would like to use it and are not able to buy it, they are able to email me and I will email it to them for free. (

Take a look at Generations Quest and consider recommending it to the parents and grandparents of the children in your ministry - equip them to hand down the faith by getting their family into God's Word!

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