Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Help Families Build Strong Close Family Ties & Listen

We are certainly living in "chaotic times" and it is fairly safe to say there are many lonely people in our world - clearly these things impact the lives of the grandchildren/ children in our church. While it is always essential for us to equip parents and grandparents so they are able to provide more companionship and greater feelings of security and purpose for the children they love, as we listen to the news and hear the grandchildren/ children talk about their concerns, we in Children's Ministry need to step up and do more to encourage the parents and grandparents to build those strong, close ties of family. We are able to do this in the following ways . . .
  • Encourage them to pray. On their own and with the children they love. Let them know they need to be certain the children know they are talking with God about the things which cause them all concern.
  • Remind them to listen as the children they love talk about their concerns. Tell them to stop what they are doing and listen. Look them in the eyes and listen. Sit next to them and listen. If they live far, make a call and listen or text and "listen". Make certain the children they love know they will absolutely listen to them.  
  • Challenge them to be informed. Find reliable sources for news and listen, educate themselves, know what is happening and what is not, so they are able to give reliable information to their children/grandchildren.
  • Tell them to encourage their children/grandchildren with the truth of how God is in control - even when the world seems very out of control.
These are just a few of the ways we are able to help the parents and grandparents in our ministry provide the strong, close ties of family at all times, but especially when it looks like our world is falling apart. Remind them to be ready to listen and have conversations which matter.

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