Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Let's Plan a Volunteer Recruitment Month! - "For Such a Time As This" Theme!

Yesterday I shared a recruiting theme plan built around the Wayne Watson song, "Finest Hour" and today I'm sharing a theme built around another Wayne Watson song, "For Such a Time as This". I realize these are "older" songs, but they have strong messages and work extremely well for building a recruiting theme. Take a look at this theme and consider if it might be a good "fit" for your ministry!

  • Video hints – during verse one, show current volunteers, during the chorus show kids and during the second verse show general shots of people from your church
  • Recruiting Plan – Begin two weeks before the actual start of your recruiting month with the following “teasers” –   Week One – “Now, all I have is now”. Week Two – “To be faithful. To be holy.” Week three/Week one of the recruiting month – “And to shine!” OR you could focus on "For such a time as this" with the first week using the "teaser" - "For such a time as this . . . " and the second week using the "teaser" - "I am here, I am here and I am His!"
  •  Recruiting Month –  Week one –   show the video and be ready with the following attention getters – Make “shine!” or "time" badges and have all staff, CE board members and volunteers wear their badge each week of the month,  hand out badges to specific people who you would like to be involved in your ministry and ask them to pray about being involved.
  • Week two – have two or three volunteers share what they most enjoy about serving,  be sure everyone wears their badge and be ready to hand some out to new volunteers.
  • Week three – Provide signs with the “teasers” for kids to carry into the auditorium during announcements.  Play a bit of the song and have kids walk to the front and then walk back out.  Ask your Senior Pastor to speak to the value of volunteering and to “shining” in the life of a child or emphasize how they are here for such a time as this.
  •  Week four – Have kids standing at the doors as people leave to hand out helium filled balloons with, “Shine in the life of a child!” or "For such a time as this!" printed on the balloons.
Each week during your month, include a flyer in the bulletin for people to fill out and place in the offering to indicate their interest in learning more about volunteering.  Also post a sign with how many openings are still available to serve – update both weekly!

Plan now to make May your recruiting month and focus the attention of the people in your church on choosing to be involved and "shining" in the life of a child for such a time as this. Plan your recruiting month, have a consistent message/theme and recruit with enthusiasm!:^)

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