Saturday, January 25, 2020

Recruiting = Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Call me crazy, but I love recruiting volunteers for Children’s Ministry!  It’s exciting and so much fun . . . like being on a treasure hunt!  What’s not to love about being on a treasure hunt, particularly when you’re sure to find the treasure?!! I’m absolutely convinced God cares more than anyone if we have the volunteers we need for the most effective ministry possible.  This is why I believe He has placed in every church the people who are needed for each ministry to be truly effective.  Some of these people have volunteered, so we know who they are! This is enough to put a smile on any recruiters face! Others just do not know yet they are people God has placed in their church to serve in the Children’s Ministry. Recruiting allows you to look for and find the treasure/unknown volunteers God has given you; and volunteers truly are a treasure, a gift from the hand of God! 
There are many ways to recruit, consider the following . . . 
  • Keep in mind the most important part of recruiting is praying! Pray for your Volunteer Recruitment Drive. Pray for the volunteers you have and those who are returning to serve again. Pray for the volunteers you need and ask God to help you see the people He’s placed in your church to be part of your children’s ministry. Involve others by asking them to pray, too! As I already said, God cares more than anyone if we have the volunteers we need for our children’s ministry. Pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send laborers - He will!
  • Along with praying, plan your recruitments. Make them exciting and fun because serving in children’s ministry is exciting and fun! If you approach recruiting with a genuine enthusiasm, potential volunteers will at least be curious about why you are so excited about children’s ministry! 
  • Finally, NEVER beg for volunteers.  Serving our Lord by being a Children’s Ministry volunteer is a blessing and a privilege.  We do not and should not ever beg or use “guilt” to get people to volunteer.
Once you have these “bases” covered it is time to decide what your recruitment drive will look like! Some churches recruit primarily over the phone, some use ministry fairs and others run flyers in their bulletins. There are many ways you are able to get the attention of the people in your church and help them consider how they might be part of your Children’s Ministry! Keep in mind what works in one church to recruit volunteers, may not work in another.  The important thing is for you to know your church "culture" - are you a new church or an established church? Do the people in your church use social media, or not? Are the people in your church at home in the day or at night?  Serving God as a volunteer is exciting, fun and a source for incredible joy! Children are some of the least boring people on the planet and Jesus was the least boring Person Who ever lived! When you combine serving, children and Jesus you have the perfect opportunity for excitement and enthusiasm to abound!

Recruiting can be fun! It can be exciting! God will give us the people we need for our ministries – we may have to go look for them, but treasure hunts are fun! Remember, pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send laborers - He will!

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