Tuesday, January 7, 2020

"Then Jesus Beat Them Up!" Are You Sure Your Kids Accurately Remember God's Word?

I'd like to share a video clip of an interview with a three year old at this link . . . take a moment to watch it and then consider the following questions . . .
  • Are we really effective when it come to accurately presenting God's Word so little ones will remember and understand God's Word?
  • Do we ask enough questions after we teach God's Word to be sure what the kids "heard" is what God's Word really says?
  • Do we help children with the understanding and living part of teaching them God's Word, or do we leave it up to them to figure out what God's Word means - if anything - to their real, everyday lives?
I once substituted for a sick teacher and taught four year olds about when Moses went up on the mountain, received God's Word and went back to the people to teach them what God said. He told the people to go home and clean their houses, wash their clothes and take a bath because in three days, God was going to talk to them. I taught the lesson, the kids did their work sheets, were involved in activities, had their snack and went home. 

The next morning I got a phone call from a little girl's mom. She had been visiting the previous day and was in my class. When she got home she insisted they had to clean their house every day for three days! They had to wash all their clothes every day for three days! They had to take baths every day for three days because, in three days God was coming to their house to talk to them! Their mom was concerned they had visited a strange church. I explained the lesson - the family ended up becoming part of our church - and I learned an important lesson. Just because I "taught" a Bible lesson, it didn't mean the children "heard" what I "taught". Follow-up questions matter - for all ages of children.

What do you do to be sure the children "heard" what you "taught"?

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