Monday, January 13, 2020

VBS 2020 - Rocky Railway by Group Publishing

Today I am happy to share with you Group Publishing's 2020 VBS - Rocky Railway! I always enjoy VBS settings with a fun, unique, not-seen-before environment; Rocky Railway  looks like it is great fun which will engage the children, but most importantly, it has solid Bible teaching and  learning!

Rocky Railway

Group Publishing
Price - Standard kit - $193.99; Plus Digital kit - $229.99

  1. Jesus' power helps us do hard things - Ananias helps Saul - Acts 9:1-19
  2. Jesus' power gives us hope - Paul encourages others in a storm and shipwreck - Acts 27
  3. Jesus' power helps us be bold - Peter and John teach about Jesus - Acts 3 & 4
  4. Jesus' power lets us live forever - Jesus' death and resurrection - Matthew 26:17-28:10
  5. Jesus' poer helps us be good friends - The church is united - Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-35
Setting – Rocky Railway where Jesus' power pulls us through. Transform your church into a bustling depot full of vibrant colors, dynamic decorations, and majestic mountain views.
Message/Theme  Climb aboard for mountains of fun at Rocky Railway! On this faith-filled adventure, kids discover trusting Jesus pulls them through life’s ups and downs.
Focus – Evangelism, Application, Content

Strengths –
  • Once again this year, as I expect, Group's VBS Rocky Railway has amazing, creative and engaging Bible lessons! I’m so glad to see children engaged in the Bible adventures, but would like to see station leaders open and read from their Bible, or have children do this – this helps children make the visual connection the event they are hearing/experiencing is from the Bible!
  • Complete Director's info - excellent and complete safety, security info and helps to engage children with special needs.
  • I LOVE how the teacher's resources stress why the Bible account matters. Excellent!
  • I LOVE KidVid Cinema and am extremely happy to see it is part of Rocky Railway
  • I love the Imagination Station again this year!!! Children will LOVE the sciency activities as well as most importantly, get and remember the points! 
  • Love the “God Sightings” – great way to get children to focus on noticing all the things God is doing around us!
  • I love all the creative resources to help churches decorate! Group makes creating your own railway look easy and fun!
  • “Huddle and a Prayer” time is great – love the way it helps children see their crew leaders are praying for them! I love how this year Group encourages churches to invite children to join and pray with you.
  • Group once again has an excellent Opening and Finale – with lots of energy and an abundance of creative ways to engage children! Love it!
  • Operation Kid 2 Kid has a project which engages children in helping families in Ecuador by providing alpacas for families in need through World Vision.
  • Great songs again this year; as my friend Dawn says - "I love how they use hymns, so when the kids are in the church service they just light up and exclaim, 'Hey, I know this one!' Our kids are still singing all the songs from last year in children's church and for special music. My granddaughters even sang one of them at her Great-Grandpa's funeral." I really like how Group encourages you to let the children help lead the songs!
  • The digital curriculum is a nice option for churches where they want digital again this year - it would be nice as a resource churches on a limited budget could buy on its own.
Would like to see –
  • Ideas to help children serve in their own communities
Group says, "Rocky Railway is the summer event which puts kids on track for trusting Jesus! At Rocky Railway, kids explore Jesus' power and how we are able to trust Him to pull us through when life feels like a valley or a mountaintop. It is an interactive Bible-based adventure your kids will love. The daily Bible Point is carefully integrated into each station's activities. At every stop, kids learn and grow - and have a great time! You may expect a week full of faith discoveries, memorable music and a serene setting which sets a course for trusting Jesus' power!

Rocky Railway is an excellent option for a VBS where children will want to be there every day.  Rocky Railway has a strong focus on creatively engaging children in every learning station, solid evangelism, strong Bible content and application, so if you are looking for a VBS with a focus on these things, most certainly take a look at Rocky Railway from Group!

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