Sunday, February 2, 2020

Our Book Store is Open

I have wonderful news! We now have a Book Store on this blog where you are able to get digital/pdf copies of books and resources to help the parents and grandparents in your church hand down the faith to the children they love for just $5 each! This means they will be able to get books and resources to be equipped and use with the children they love to hand down the faith for less than they might spend at a fast-food  restaurant.

One such book which is now available as a digital/pdf copy of Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for ChildrenThis book is for children ages four through fourteen and for just $5 parents and grandparents are able to get it and use with all the children they love to help them learn to talk with God for themselves. Is there possibly a better way to spend $5? I know it is making a difference in my grandsons' lives as they learn to talk with God on their own.

Please check our "Store" out at this link, get resources affordably priced, use them to be equipped, hand down the faith and help children learn to walk and talk with God - please help us by telling the parents and grandparents you know, so they are able to do these things.

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