Tuesday, February 11, 2020

VBS 2020 - Anchored from Group Publishing

Anchored Weekend VBS 2020 Starter KitI'm delighted for the opportunity to once again share Group's weekend VBS with you . . . AnchoredThe idea with this resource is to provide two affordable 2 1/2 hour sessions, plus a one hour celebration which churches could use over one weekend . . . or over three weekends . . . or they might be able to spread it out for one Saturday a month for a Summer of fun! And, if you do not mind repeating games and focusing more on the same Bible Adventure, you could stretch it for a week of VBS.

Group Publishing

  1. God is Faithful - Paul encourages others in a storm & shipwreck - Acts 27
  2. God is Faithful - Jesus dies and comes back to life - Matthew 27 & 28
Message – God is Faithful!
Focus – Evangelism, Application, Serving, Content
Strengths –
  • Anchored has amazing, creative and engaging Bible lessons with a very, very strong evangelism focus!
  • “Huddle and a Prayer” time is great – love the way it helps children see their crew leaders are praying for them!
  • Group once again has excellent and engaging Opening and Finale – with lots of energy and an abundance of creative ways to engage children! Love it!
  • I really appreciate the price point - this is an affordable option for most churches
  • Provides options for churches where a traditional five-day VBS just doesn't "fit" their ministry
  • I really love the idea of the "Sunday Celebration" for the children, families and the entire church!
  • Love the songs - children will LOVE them, too!
  • I love the setting - it is fun and children will love it, too!
  • Excellent information on safety and engaging children with special needs.

Would like to see –
  • A daily "live-it" activity for kids to go do and tell about the following day
Group says, "At Anchored VBS, kids embark on an undersea adventure, diving deeper in their faith and discovering the unwavering love of God!" I love the focus in both lessons; God is faithful. Certainly this is a message children – and adults - need to hear. Anchored is a great option for a VBS with a strong focus on creatively engaging children in every learning station, solid evangelism, strong Bible content and application! 

You could expand this for a week of VBS by focusing on each of the Bible Adventures for two days, making additional service projects/crafts and repeating or using games you might not use with just one day. Present the Bible adventure the first day, then review it with a drama which involves the children the second day. Use the Celebration for day five.

If you are looking for a VBS option for just a weekend, or one you could spread over a month - or even the entire Summer - with a focus on engaging children and has a strong evangelism focus; most certainly take a look at Anchored from Group!

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