Wednesday, February 12, 2020

When We Get It Wrong the Price They Pay is Far, Far Too High

When we, "get it right" in our Children's Ministries, the result is parents and grandparents are equipped to hand down the faith, we are able to join with them to build upon what they do while we engage children in what we do, provide additional adults to pass the same messages to the children and encourage strong friendships with other children who love Jesus. All of this means the children in our church are equipped to believe, grow, walk and talk with God, so as they become teens and then young adults they will continue to grow, walk and talk with God as they become the parents (and one day grandparents) who hand down the faith. This is what it looks like when we, "get it right".

But, when we do not, "get it right", we - and the families in our churches - end up paying a huge and painful price. When we do not equip parents and grandparents, they often do not hand down the faith and since they are the first and second most effective people in influencing children; those children pay the price. When we do not come alongside parents, and especially grandparents when they are the ones bringing their grandchildren to church, they often feel alone; and the parents/grandparents and children pay the price. When we do not engage children in learning at church, the children often decide the do not want to go to church and once this thought takes root in their minds, it is very difficult to replace it with the thought of how they do want to go to church; again, those children pay the price. When we do not provide additional adults to pass along the truth of God's Word and help children make solid friends; children are more likely to question what they believe and feel alone - like they do not belong; and the children pay the price. When we do not notice if a child is absent and follow up with them, children often believe the people at church do not care; and these children pay the price.

Please pay attention to these things - the price is far, far too high when we do not.

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