Monday, March 9, 2020

Free Resurrection Sunday Curriculum from Go! Curriculum

Easter Lesson for ChilrnI was invited to share with you an opportunity for you to try an  excellent curriculum for free, so today I am delighted to do so. This Easter, get kids into the Bible story with GO! curriculum - all you have to do is download these two free Easter lessons from GO!

One is for preschoolers and one is for elementary kids. They're the perfect Easter lessons for your Children's Church or Sunday School. Your FREE Easter lessons include:

  • Large Group lesson
  • Small Group activities
  • Dynamic graphics and media
  • Professional illustrations
  • Tech instructions
  • Supply list
  • Set-up instructions
  • Parent take home sheet
  • Training tips for leaders
  • Leader devotional

You will find more information at this link about the free lessons along with videos and the links to use to download the curriculum. 

GO! Logo blue.pngI especially love how the creators of Go! Curriculum for Children's Ministry created Biblically solid lessons which engage children. My grandsons would love these lessons and most importantly, would learn from them. When we engage children with active learning we get and keep their attention, so they are able to understand the point, remember the point and be able to live it for changed lives.

If you are looking for curriculum to use in your ministry which will engage children and leave them with an understanding of Jesus' death, resurrection and what it means for them, then definitely dowload these free lessons from Go! Curriculum. While you are at it, check out all the great lessons available from them - their material is Biblically solid and will engage children.

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