Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ministry-to-Children - It Exists to Encourage and Equip You to Introduce Children to Jesus

Image result for ministry to children logoIf you serve in your church's Children's Ministry - whether you are a volunteer, part-time staff or full-time staff, today I want to encourage you to check out Ministry-to-Children as it is a site which will encourage and equip you to be effective at helping children learn about Jesus.

So, what is, Ministry-to-Children? Well, let me use their own words to introduce them to you . . .
You don’t have to do ministry alone. We are here to help, encourage, and celebrate what God is doing through your service. 
Our website serves big and little churches, from many denominations, all around the world. Our readers include pastors, Sunday School teachers, homeschool parents, and Christian school teachers. We often hear from missionary families too! 
The best part, we never charge a single penny for the help they find on our pages. It’s all 100% free to download, print, and share. In fact, we have a “please copy” policy for all our content. We want churches, bloggers, homeschoolers and everyone else to freely repurpose or share our materials. No need to ask – use it for God’s glory.It all started a God-sized idea…
Children’s ministry should not be so hard! What if there was a place online to get help? What if that website was completely free? What if the whole thing was just about serving others? 
That was the question back in 2007 when Ministry-To-Children quietly made it’s debut. It was just Tony Kummer, working in a small church and sharing what he was learning with others. The posts started adding up and website readers started telling their friends. He recruited more writers. The focus shifted to building a free resource which would solve ministry problems. 
With God’s help, this dream kept getting bigger.Readers from 200 different countries now frequent this website. Every week more people find help for their ministry. We are one small part of how God is working in the lives of millions of children.
If you have never heard of Ministry-to-Children, check them out at this link. If it has been awhile since you visited Ministry-to-Children, check them out at this link. If you are one of the many who love Ministry-to-Children, you know where to find them! 

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