Thursday, March 5, 2020

What Do You Do?

Do you like the way you do things in your Children's Ministry? Are you satisfied with how things are going? If a parent or grandparent shares a concern or, "worse", something they do not like about the Children's Ministry, what do you do? Do you take it personally and ignore them? Do you gossip with other people in your church about how horrible it is for this parent/ grandparent to express their concern, or say they do not like what you are doing? Or do you sit down with them and try to work things out? What do you do?

I have news for you - you, and your Children's Ministry are not perfect. There will be times when what you do does not "work" well for a child. There will be times when a volunteer responds to a child in a way which may leave a parent/grandparent unhappy. There may be children who are not connecting with your ministry and this leaves parents/grandparents concerned. There may be parents or grandparents who are able to see an area of your ministry which needs to be re-evaluated and changed. If you do not listen to their concerns you run the huge risk of losing the opportunity to minister to this family. You may end up being the last church this child and their parents/grandparents attend.

Please do not think what you are doing is perfect. Please do not take offense if a parent/grandparent is not happy with something you are doing. Please do not gossip. Please see it as an opportunity to make your Children's Ministry better and use it to reach out and serve . . . after all, isn't this part of the reason you are in the position you are in? To serve the families in your church and community?

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