Thursday, April 16, 2020

Children are a Blessing & Gift from God

As you try to connect with grandparents and parents from a distance, consider sharing this post with them today . . . 

My grandchildren are completing this school year from home as in Michigan children will not return to their schools due to COVID-19. While they will be able to connect with their teachers through their computers (their school already had issued them laptops or ipads last Fall), they will not be able to spend time in their school with other children until Fall. This is certainly not what any of us thought this school year would look like.

The children we love are experiencing things we never experienced when we were their age. Not only are they not returning to school and are having school at home, but they are living 24/7 with their siblings. As I said the other day, even if they typically get along, this 24/7 time together could cause them to "get under the skin" of one another. 

We need to help the children we love understand while many things in their lives have changed, our love for them remains steadfast and solid. We need to be sure they understand how we see them as some of God's greatest blessings in our lives and we are ever so thankful for them and for the people God created them to be. Make sure they know you believe God knew what He was doing when He created them and He did not make any mistakes - they are incredible blessings - gifts from the hand of God, and you are ever so thankful for them!

Check this link for an idea for a great way to stay in touch with and encourage the children you love on a daily basis.

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