Monday, April 6, 2020

Shape, Guide & Direct the Children God has Given to Them

I love this quote from Tony Evans - "It is easier to shape a child
than to repair an adult." At all times, but especially now with children home for school, their parents possibly home from work, frightening news, people wearing masks, and so much uncertainty related to COVID-19 it is essential for us to be intentional about equipping grandparents and parents, so they are able to share the truth of how we are able to trust God. They are able to help shape the children they love by . . .  

  • Modeling for them what it looks like to trust God in uncertain and difficult times. 
  • Connecting with them - every day or every couple of days to pray together.
  • By reading God's Word together - over the phone or using facetime/hangouts.
  • Keeping track together about the ways each day - big and small - where God shows His love for us.
These are just a few ideas of ways they are able to help shape the children they love, but helping them learn to trust God - even if COVID-19 keeps them from doing so in person. Encourage them to consider starting a journal where they track how God shows His love for them with noticing how COVID-19 is helping them connect in these ways - and maybe this is something they will continue when COVID-19 is part of our past.

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