Monday, June 22, 2020

Let Them Know - Grandmas DO Make a Difference

You likely have grandparents in your church who wonder if what they are trying to do to hand down the faith is anything which will actually make a difference. Please commit to encourage them with the truth about how they do make a significant difference in the lives of their grandchildren. Share with them this true account of Eunice Crosby - 

You may be familiar with Fanny Crosby as the author of so many songs we sang in church when we were growing up and still sing today. Songs such as Blessed Assurance, Tell me the Story, and He Lives. Fanny's dad died when she was very young, so she and her mom moved in with her grandma, Eunice Crosby. By the time Fanny was 15 Eunice had helped her memorize the first five books of the Bible, Most of Psalms, Proverbs, and the Gospels. Now this would be amazing under any circumstances, but keep in mind, Fanny was blind. This means for her to be able to memorize any Scripture someone had to read these verses, chapters, and books to her. In Fanny's case, this "someone" was her grandma, Eunice Crosby.
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Please read the full post and share it with the grandparents in your church.

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