Friday, July 24, 2020

Re-Opening Children's Ministry?

I'm sure it is on your minds how you go about opening your Children's Ministries to where you are able to have children and volunteers in class again - as a grandma, it is on my mind for sure. If churches open too soon, and without enough care, children, volunteers, and family members will get sick. I'm certain none of us want our church to be the place to where health officials trace an outbreak - particularly if someone ends up in the hospital and worse if they die. So, re-opening opportunities for children has to be carefully thought out AND carefully enacted.

As a grandma I am concerned about the safety of my grandsons - especially the one with asthma. When schools are struggling with how to safely have children back in class, I am greatly concerned with I see churches opening their Children's Ministry without asking the correct questions and putting in place the needed safety measures.

Yes, we want children to be able to return to our Children's Ministries, but we want them - and the volunteers - to be able to do so safely. Please don't tell me if we have enough faith, God will protect us. While He certainly is able to do so, perhaps He is doing so by asking us to use our brains, listen to the health experts (not political figures), and to follow their recommendations.

So, pay attention to what is happening where you live. Are Covid cases going up? IF so, it is NOT safe to open your Children's Ministry. In place of in-person opportunities, consider sending families activities and lessons to do at home and then connect with each of them - yes EACH of them during the week to see what they did and how it went for them. It is, after all, the God-given responsibility of parents and grandparents to teach their children about God. Equip them to do so. 

IF it is safe to open your Children's Ministry, require masks, and distance. This will make connecting with children very difficult, but be creative. Put children who are in the same class at school in the same groups at church to limit exposure. Keep in contact with parents/grandparents to see what they are concerned about and try to come up with solutions.

And, realize, Children's Ministry will NOT look like it did until after a shot is available. Until then, you may need to create an engaging at-home ministry. Which, if parents and grandparents take this to heart you will find your ministry more effective because of Covid.

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