Sunday, September 13, 2020

Equip Grandparents for Grandparent's Day

Today is Grandparent's Day. This post is a Grandparent's Day post, but it is not about how important grandparents are - although grandparents are extremely important. It is not about how grandparents are able to make a lasting difference in the lives of their grandchildren - although grandparents are absolutely able to make a lasting difference in the lives of their grandchildren. It is not a call to grandparents to be people who pray for their grandchildren and children - although grandparents do need to be people who pray for their grandchildren and children. This is a post to encourage grandparents by letting you know about a curriculum resource written for them to use to hand down confident faith.

There are many publishing companies who develop, write, and publish curriculum for churches to use in their Children's and Youth Ministries. These are excellent tools for churches to use, but it is not the "job" of the church to hand faith to children and teens - it is the "job" of parents and grandparents. However; there are very, very few curriculum resources available to equip parents and grandparents in handing down confident faith to the children they love - and of all the people who use curriculum to hand down faith, parents and grandparents are the people who need these resources the most.

So, today, on Grandparent's Day, I want to encourage you to invest in the "Life on the 'Goldilock's Planet'" Series for the grandparents - and families in your church. This set of books is designed as a curriculum which they are able to use to engage the children they love ages three through young adult. We all enjoy learning about animals - these books are filled with full-color photos of animals - some of which you may never have heard of before. In addition each book is filled with fun facts which show the amazing design, purpose, intention, creativity in each of these animals - which helps us know why we are able to believe they required a Designer - and we know this Designer is God! 

But, these books do not stop here. They go on to provide activities to engage the children and young people you love to help them remember "why" they are able to believe God designed everything "just right", and then share quotes, about how God's design is there for us to see in the world around us, from scientists - many of who received Nobel Science Prize Awards. These books - this curriculum is for them and will provide opportunities to have important conversations and equip them to hand down a confident faith. They are must-have tools for grandparents as they will enable them to hand down a confident faith with confidence!

So, give the grandparents in your church - a very special gift this Grandparent's Day - equip them with the "Life on the 'Goldilock's Planet'" curriculum, use it, and hand down a confident faith! (You will find the details about how to do this at the following link.)

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