Monday, October 12, 2020

Hand Down Confident Faith with Blue Dragons, Eyelash Vipers, Civets, Red-Lipped Batfish & More!


Well, it was a busy Summer and Fall around this grandma's house! My grandsons helped with the development of four books designed to engage children, teens, young adults, adults, and help grandparents/ parents hand down a confident faith. They tested a water-balloon launcher, made "bugs" and then spent time shooting them off plants outside with water-guns, tested recipes, enjoyed science projects, made tie-dye shirts, created hover-crafts, participated in an egg drop activity and many more activities chosen to engage children/teens/adults and help make the message of our books "stick"! Most importantly, we have been able to have important conversations about why we are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence.

As each book was complete I let you know about them. Today I am very happy to let you know about a "new" book - I combined the content of the four "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series into one book and it is now available. If you buy it on Amazon, due to limitations on setting price, it is $61.99 - it is four books in one and this pricing does almost give you one book for free, but if you buy it through the bookstore, it is just $37.99 - and is the same print book you would order through Amazon with all four books in one - this is like buying two and receiving two for free! Plus, if you would prefer the digital copy, it is just $20.00 in our bookstore.

If you are a grandma (or grandpa/parent) who gives books for Christmas - this is an excellent gift for grandchildren, grown children, and yourself as it is a lovely book with full-color photos of 48 animals, maps, fun facts, activities, science quotes, and questions to generate conversations which will help the ones you love know they are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence! What could be a better gift?

You will find the information about ordering this book in our bookstore at this link. If you are looking for tools to help you hand down confident faith, this is the resource for which you have been looking. 

I thought we were finished with this project, but my grandsons think we should work on more books - there are so many interesting animals out there . . . so, we will see, but for now there are four books available to help you hand down confident faith!

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