Sunday, November 15, 2020

Did You Know?

Please share with the parents and grandparents in your ministry - and plan to use the church package ($1 per family per digital book) to use this as a church! (Details at this link.)

Did you know simple cells are so complex for them to develop on their own is just not possible? Did you know DNA is actually programmed to do the things it does - which means it had to have an intelligence design it as it is not possible for it to develop on its own? Did you know animals have their own unique features and abilities which differentiate them from other animals? For example, did you know Pangolins have spines - "teeth" in their stomach, but not in their mouth? Did you know Wombats have very thick skin - actually cartilage on their backsides so when a hungry neighbor finds a Wombat, all the Wombat has to do is dive head-first into a near-by tunnel (and since they dig tunnels a lot there is likely a near-by tunnel for it to dive into) and the hungry neighbor will not be able to bite on to the Wombat's backside and pull it out?

How do we prove God is real? How do we show our grandchildren - and grown children - they are able to believe God is real and trust Him with confidence? Well, God gave us an abundance of reasons, examples for how He is real in the world surrounding us - we just need to look at the amazing, unique animals He designed and created!

As Josh McDowell said; "Belief is knowing what you believe. Conviction is knowing why you believe it." We tell our grandchildren what to believe - God loves them, the Bible is true, He hears and answers prayer, etc. All important things for us to do. But, the day will come (if it has not already) when the children you love will have people question what they believe. If we have not equipped them with reasons - solid reasons why they are able to believe God is real and the Bible is true - they may very well turn away from their faith. We must give them the reasons why, and thankfully, God has surrounded us with excellent reasons why we are able to believe He is real and trust Him with confidence!

This is why the new series "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" was developed. This book series makes excellent gifts for the people you love - children and grown children. As they learn about the animals in each book - on their own or as a family - they will develop a confident faith in God! Each book has 12 animals in it - some of which you may never have heard of before! For example in book one you will discover the Hummingbird Bobtail Squid, Okapi, Hoopoe, and Blue Dragon. In Book Two you will discover the Pygmy Elephant, Pangolin, and Archerfish. Book Three will surprise you with the Tree Kangaroo, Leafy Seadragon, and Shoebill, and book four includes the Red-Lipped Batfish, Giant Purple Squirrel, and Kakapo! I'm almost finished with book five and in it you will learn about Megabats, Clown Frogfish, and Elephantnose Fish. Each of these animals - and all the others in each book - have unique features which help us know they were designed on purpose - God created them to be "just right"!

You will find these books in our bookstore at this link and on amazon - please consider adding them to your gift list (which if you do, ordering from our bookstore takes about three weeks for you to receive the books - keep this in mind) - and to your own library of resources. What better tool could you get to help you hand down confident faith than books which help you share these fun facts about amazing animals with the ones you love which help us know we are about to trust God with confidence?

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